I Can Fly!

When Wendy and her little brothers discovered that they could fly the chills went down my spine and I knew that magic was real. But then, slowly but surely my belief in magic began to disappear. There was no Santa Claus (sorry for ruining the surprise Mom),only Brother Pearson dressed in an over sized worn down suit with a white beard probably made of grandmother wigs. There was no flying (established after I hit the ground after jumping off of my bed). Pokemon weren't even real, my life was ruined.

For a long time there was no place for magic in my life. Life was real, and hard. So hard that I even had to make my bed when I woke up and feed my smelly dog Molly. One time I even had to walk to school when my mom couldn't drive me. Man I had it rough.

And then one day my family of seven packed into what seemed to be a 50 seater van (bed in the back included) and we headed on vacation. What was this v-word and what did it have to do with my life. I soon discovered that vacations were the time that magic always existed. We always ended up at theme parks with my favorite Disney characters, or beaches with skies that never ended, hotels where you never had to clean up after yourself and pools where nobody cared if you weren't old enough to be in the hot tubs (man I felt cool in hot tubs).

And to this day there is magic in my world. I get to pack up, leave my 9-5 desk and Dell computer, leave cooking and cleaning and Partay.

Bring on the Magic Cali!


  1. Woo! You're coming to California! haha. Have fun :-)

  2. crazy stuff :) Just kidding :) I enjoyed reading the post!

  3. great post! and I think that it`s fantastic, that there is still magic in your life, cause if we didn`t have it, life would be just too plain. It adds colour.