The Creatures

The movies have become the modern day community water hole. You come to see the most obscure creatures come from their dark abyss and bless you with their presence. Me and Sir Matt only attend the dollar theater because we're cheap college students and this is where the magic happens my friends. The children of the obscure and the creatures' friends from the dark abyss come out to play. Some of my recent experiences...

1. Both me and Sir Matt have found that Utah citizens are cheese balls. They'll laugh louder and harder at any movie joke. While it can be entertaining if THEY were the movie it's not so fun when you're watching another movie (comment made for the woman screeching behind me in my left ear)

2. Little kids are the finest of the entertainment in any movie situation. While watching Iron Man 2 a little boy screamed, "GOODBYE IRON MAN!!!!" as Tony Stark flew into the night sky.

3. There's always someone right when the movie starts standing up and waving their arms with a nonchalant, "HEY WE'RE OVER HERE insert name". Is this okay at a baseball game sure, a boxing match I get it, when the lights are dimmed in the theater and the funny previews are running-not so much.

4. The cell phone users. We don't want to see your light saber looking phones buzzing/ringing/glowing. Need I say more.

5. The leaner. There's always someone leaning just a little too close to you and using your arm rest. As much as I enjoy the feeling of your arm hairs on my elbow...please scoot over just a bit.

6. The screamer. It's okay to scream at the part where the murder grabs the persons leg from under a car, or the zombie is about to reach the little girl but there's always a scream that comes at the calm part of the scary movie. Boy goes in for a kiss *GUT WRENCHING SCREAM* the couple looks at each other longingly. I don't get it.

I love the movie theater but unlike others I don't go there for the experience. I go there because I can't watch the movie at home yet.

Any traumatizing movie experiences? I'm here for ya.


  1. i ALWAYS end up sitting behind someone really tall.
    i think this would not be a problem if we went to the expensive movie theatre with the nice little incline in the floor...buuuut the cheap seats are our seats of choice. and there's always someone tall there. and they always sit in front of me.

  2. I laugh at the oddest things and then get the oddest looks. Funny post

    Having my first giveaway- please enter.

  3. LOL...great post. I hate the cell phones most of all...the leaner, etc, those can be chalked up to unconscious ignorance or accidents, the cell phone is just full of yourself selfishness!

  4. hahaha I love your post! you live in the usa? blogs that I visited there and the girls are all clothes! do not realize that there are other things besides clothes? why you tight! jajaja

  5. great post!!!


  6. Yeah, it's almost worth it just wait for the movie to come out on DVD hey?

    Great blog!


  7. Awesome post and thanks for commenting on my blog! Happy Wednesday!

  8. Now this is a F*U*N post! Wishing you a FUN-filled Wednesday. xx

  9. This cracked me up.
    Especially to point number #3.
    #1 - I agree, its really annoying when people laugh when its not even suppose to be funny.

    Following your blog ;)

  10. Not traumatic but more amusing experience of *Girl falls into sea, is twisted with waves* 2 seperate people in the cinema sing "washing machines live longer with calgon" hahaha..

  11. Anonymous3.9.10

    Always very annoying, these are the people who support things that blow you away that anyone could be stupid enough to support. It's not that they don't get it, they pretty much don't get anything!