I just spent the last five-ish days home relaxing with my amazing family. I really couldn't have asked for a better time.Matt was busy slaving away in Salt Lake and so of course I headed out to Colorado for a much needed vacation after summer semester. My very favorite part of the trip was finding hidden treasures. Really though I can't even begin to tell you all of the treasures I found this weekend.
  • Treasure #1: I wanted to make a fun bubble skirt with a thick elastic waist. After some awe inspiring hours at JoAnne's I got all of the things I needed for my skirt and it all added up to just about $3 buckaroonies. It made my day. Take that Anthropologie.
  • Treasure #2: I went to my Grandma's to sew my bubbly bubble skirt and add some fun ties to a vintage shirt I found yet halfway through the project the sewing machine broke. This unfortunate event led  me and my Grandma to talking about how I loved her style and then she ushered me to the back room, pulled out a box and gave me some of her old clothes. I.was.in.heaven. I got some really cool stuff from my grandma (namely a fabulous red dress that I'm going to do a little fixer upper on). I'm sure there'll be a post on this and my bubbly bubble skirt later.
  • Treasure #3: My Grandma also gave me some of her Jewelry. It's all costume jewlry but for muah it was like finding a million dollars. Not only do I have jewlry from my Grandma that I will keep FOR-E-VER but also something that I will pass on and my little girls can have from their great grandma.
  • Treasure #4: After confessing my true love of thrift shopping to my sisters and mom we went on a thrift trip in Arvada. I found some real treasure here friends. A beautiful never worn pair of killer heels, a blue bubbly skirt, a fun sailor shirt and a vintage blouse. I'm sure you'll be seeing some of these items later.
Needless to say I really did have an amazing time in Colorado. I had a blast with my mom. We were hangin' out and having fun all over the place. Whether it was getting my nasty cracked in half retainer replaced or killing time before my sisters came we really did have a blast no matter what we were doing. Thanks for being such a great mom motha, and thanks for the great time sista's!

* I think I'm going to start doing a few fashion posts. I've been really inspired by other fashion blogs and want to join in on the fun! Let me know what you think of it!


Out of Habit

Do you know that dears are so easily hunted because they literally walk the exact same places every single day. They are even so predictable that they have their own forest paths because they walk the same route so often. This makes it quite easy  for a mountain lion with a hunger itch for deer to stumble upon and catch it's habit forming friend. We are creatures of habit . I lie not my friends. I just stood in the boys bathroom for a good two minutes before I realized it was not the girls bathroom. Of course I went running out with my composure running behind me but hey...there weren't any boys in there so no harm no foul.

My point. The only reason I walked into that bathroom was because I assumed I was on my regular route (2nd floor) where I do my regular routine (only number 1 of course:)). One time One time  I'm on the third floor to drop something off to a professor and because I'm a creature of habit I end up in the boys bathroom. I'm pretty sure that the man who designed the building purposely switched which sides the girls and boys bathrooms are on each floor purely for his amusement.

Am I crazy? Do you find yourself doing things like this. I took a deeper look at myself and I was a little shocked.

Every day at eight thirty my alarm clock goes off and I hit the snooze twice until eight forty five. I hop in the shower, and then do my makeup on the floor because it's my favorite mirror, then while shoveling down either toast or raisin brown I get on the computer to check my e-mail, facebook, favorite blogs. Get dressed and scramble my scrambly self to school. I go to class, then work until five. At about five fifteen I get home, make delicious dinner, me and Matt spoon/talk sweet nothings/joke for about an hour, homework followed by a routine run where I run the same route every day. We usually play some type of computer game (I'm a sucker for hearts and brick breaker) and then I pop in my retainer and out my eye balls, scrub my face and teeth and we are in bed at twelve in time for scripture study and prayer. Every day is like this. With the occassional grocery trip, friend hangout, random mysterious event you can pretty much tell where and what I will be doing when every stinkin day.

I'm a creature of habit. Established. Am I alone in this?


Sirens and Things

There are some things you should know about me...ya know before we get this whole thing going.
  • I am a sweater, not wooly just really gosh dang hot all the time. No joke, when I'm walking to class I'm perfectly fine but then I sit down and woosh. I can't control it. I sweat, and I'm a girl.Deal wit it.
  • Whenever I hear a siren I automatically think of my loved ones. I mean don't we all. But worse than that my imagination is crazy and I come up with these completely unrealistic scenarios (don't worry my loved ones are always safe). Like the other night I was running and a fire truck came weee-oh ing by and all the sudden my brain started shmoogling up crazy things like, Matt running across the street (I've seen Matt run twice in his life, not a lover of running) drops his scarf (Matt doesn't own or have the desire to own a scarf) the scarf gets caught in the drainy sewage thing and...he gets hit by a bike. Nothing happens to Matt but drivers that watch this crazy event get in a car crash and as we speak the wee-oh sirens are going to save the driver. I know, my brain is a shmoogler.
  • I love food and I dream up food. Like I was thinking the other day, cheesecake with a Nutella drizzle with fresh strawberries and rasberries with a pile of that really thick whipped cream that only restaurants have. Did I mention this cheesecake has oreo crumble everywhere. Anyways, if I actually knew how to make these things I'd be a pretty awesome creator I think.
  • I love AWKWARD moments. Let me rephrase that, I love watching other people's awkward moments and not being a part of them. Like watching someone wave at someone from far away but you see one girl (who actually knows the waiver) and the person in front of that girl waving back at the boy ( of course she doesn't know him but he must be waiving to her right?). I smile with a big smily knowing grin when I see that pure unadulterated awkward. Here at BYU this awkward is constantly bestowed on hundreds of unknowing victims. Someone stopping to tie a show while all the while shoving their butt in an innocent persons walkway, watching a boy sit next to a girl, he tries to have a normal conversation with her but they end up just talking about where he served his mission. Either way, Awkward Makers of BYU thank you for enriching my life.
That is all.


Pat on the Back

Do you ever have one of those times where you get so dang excited about something. You prepare for it, you give it your darndest and then it all just kind of explodes in your face in a yucky messy hard to clean up sort of way. Okay, this may sound tiny...so get ready. I love to cook and try new recipes. Most of the time they turn out pretty darn great and I end up with a food baby in my tummy because I just couldn't help myself from engorging in this delightful meal.

So last night my new experiment was Beef Stroganoff. I won't lie I was confident...too confident. Everything was going according to plan; onions chop chop chop and into the pan, noodles a boilin, flour bubble bubble thickened that sauce right up. Matt pours all of the noodles into the sink while trying to strain the pasta, I remain calm (it's aight it's fixable a quick rinse and we were back in business), Matt puts ranch dip instead of sour cream into the sauce (once again I remain calm and scoop the ranch dip out of the pan and replace it with sour cream and then wonder why I made Matt my cooking assistant), Matt mumbles something about me caring more about the recipe than his assistance skills under his breath, I add 1 and a half cups of sugar into the sauce and Huzzah! DONE!

....wait a second I added one and a half cup of brown sugar to my stroganoff. At this point I'm running back to the recipe to make sure I'm right because let's face it I always am and I look to see on the list
  • 1 1/2 t brown sugar
Ahhhh needless to say my Stroganoff tasted a lot like that beef trifle that Rachel made for Joey and Chandler on friends. And the exact same reaction occurred (except with less cinematic drama of course). We tasted it and threw it out.

So yeah it all kind of exploded in my face. But my brave little cooking assistant came to my side and told me, "It's ok Sarah, sometimes it just takes a few times to master a recipe." Me and Matt laughed it off and in my depressed state I made Muddy Buddies and ate them for dinner, later of course regretting this because of the food baby in my stomach made of sugar.

Overall a pretty awesome night. As long as I have my cooking assistant.


Talents, moments and FREE THINGS!!

Well that last post was a bit depressing. Just in case you were wondering I do LOVE my life. Oh do.I.love.it. Today I need to share a few things. Maybe you'll laugh, maybe you won't. Ok please do.

  • Matt thinks he's discovered a new talent of singing Prince Ali, drumming, and swinging his hips at the same time. And me lucky lucky wife de la Matt get's to view this glouriously sparkling moment as he practices his gift.
  •  Today while wolfing down my peanut butter toast on the way to school with the sun making my backpack entrenched back all gross and sweaty I saw a man pretending to fly as he road his bike no handed. He gave me a little nod and I felt like I had shared a special achievement with him.
  • I'm going to start going to a free, that's right Free zumba class. And we all know there's nothing that a college student likes more than things worth money that they don't need to be paid for.
  • A very confused woman is still sauntering down that hall with a worried look on her face yet shouts with glee as she finds the drinking fountain, she is wearing her khaki capris with none other than her black tights..or what I think are tights, maybe tube socks...I'll investigate this further this afternoon.
 As you can see my life kinda rocks. It's simple but does.it.rock. One last thing. Why are all the girls gender confused? Lately girls wear nothing but boyfriend jeans and those white button up shirts that make you look like a saggy pillow case (with buttons of course, I've never seen a pillow case with buttons?). Anyways, I'm going to have to have a gender talk with these women. I'll say,


Nobody reads this blog...I'll write what I want.

I have a disease. A dreadful dreadful DISEASE. I like to be negative. Some of you (one of my negative five readers) is judging me. I don't blame you I can be a bummer. But you've done it. I know you have. You see someone walking down the street and automatically you know that their life is perfect. They look perfect, therefore their life is perfect. You think that no one can understand you or the hard times you have because everyone's perfect PERFECT-yy life is so dang perfect. So yes. Sometimes I do this. And then the little sad thoughts come out and sit on my shoulder and throw me a dreadful and sad pity party and the sky gets gray and the rain pours down and suddenly everything in my life is bad. It's ok. Life isn't perfect but it's also pretty dang great. It's these times that I forget about the times when I'm walking home from school and the perfect song comes on and I dance in an awkward type of walking down the street while you dance manner and don't care what anybody thinks because MY LIFE IS GREAT!!! Or the time when the man of my dreams takes me on a secret mission to do a secret sneaky thing and I'm oh so sure the cops are coming to get us as we speak and my eyes are huge because I'm so thrilled at the sneaky sneaky sneaky sneaky thing we're doing. I forget those times when those sad little thoughts sit on my shoulder. So yes you're normal in case you were wondering. Am I normal. YES. Can I be better. YES.  Do I have an extraordinary life. YES!!! I'm workin on it.