Sirens and Things

There are some things you should know about me...ya know before we get this whole thing going.
  • I am a sweater, not wooly just really gosh dang hot all the time. No joke, when I'm walking to class I'm perfectly fine but then I sit down and woosh. I can't control it. I sweat, and I'm a girl.Deal wit it.
  • Whenever I hear a siren I automatically think of my loved ones. I mean don't we all. But worse than that my imagination is crazy and I come up with these completely unrealistic scenarios (don't worry my loved ones are always safe). Like the other night I was running and a fire truck came weee-oh ing by and all the sudden my brain started shmoogling up crazy things like, Matt running across the street (I've seen Matt run twice in his life, not a lover of running) drops his scarf (Matt doesn't own or have the desire to own a scarf) the scarf gets caught in the drainy sewage thing and...he gets hit by a bike. Nothing happens to Matt but drivers that watch this crazy event get in a car crash and as we speak the wee-oh sirens are going to save the driver. I know, my brain is a shmoogler.
  • I love food and I dream up food. Like I was thinking the other day, cheesecake with a Nutella drizzle with fresh strawberries and rasberries with a pile of that really thick whipped cream that only restaurants have. Did I mention this cheesecake has oreo crumble everywhere. Anyways, if I actually knew how to make these things I'd be a pretty awesome creator I think.
  • I love AWKWARD moments. Let me rephrase that, I love watching other people's awkward moments and not being a part of them. Like watching someone wave at someone from far away but you see one girl (who actually knows the waiver) and the person in front of that girl waving back at the boy ( of course she doesn't know him but he must be waiving to her right?). I smile with a big smily knowing grin when I see that pure unadulterated awkward. Here at BYU this awkward is constantly bestowed on hundreds of unknowing victims. Someone stopping to tie a show while all the while shoving their butt in an innocent persons walkway, watching a boy sit next to a girl, he tries to have a normal conversation with her but they end up just talking about where he served his mission. Either way, Awkward Makers of BYU thank you for enriching my life.
That is all.

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