Nobody reads this blog...I'll write what I want.

I have a disease. A dreadful dreadful DISEASE. I like to be negative. Some of you (one of my negative five readers) is judging me. I don't blame you I can be a bummer. But you've done it. I know you have. You see someone walking down the street and automatically you know that their life is perfect. They look perfect, therefore their life is perfect. You think that no one can understand you or the hard times you have because everyone's perfect PERFECT-yy life is so dang perfect. So yes. Sometimes I do this. And then the little sad thoughts come out and sit on my shoulder and throw me a dreadful and sad pity party and the sky gets gray and the rain pours down and suddenly everything in my life is bad. It's ok. Life isn't perfect but it's also pretty dang great. It's these times that I forget about the times when I'm walking home from school and the perfect song comes on and I dance in an awkward type of walking down the street while you dance manner and don't care what anybody thinks because MY LIFE IS GREAT!!! Or the time when the man of my dreams takes me on a secret mission to do a secret sneaky thing and I'm oh so sure the cops are coming to get us as we speak and my eyes are huge because I'm so thrilled at the sneaky sneaky sneaky sneaky thing we're doing. I forget those times when those sad little thoughts sit on my shoulder. So yes you're normal in case you were wondering. Am I normal. YES. Can I be better. YES.  Do I have an extraordinary life. YES!!! I'm workin on it.

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