Out of Habit

Do you know that dears are so easily hunted because they literally walk the exact same places every single day. They are even so predictable that they have their own forest paths because they walk the same route so often. This makes it quite easy  for a mountain lion with a hunger itch for deer to stumble upon and catch it's habit forming friend. We are creatures of habit . I lie not my friends. I just stood in the boys bathroom for a good two minutes before I realized it was not the girls bathroom. Of course I went running out with my composure running behind me but hey...there weren't any boys in there so no harm no foul.

My point. The only reason I walked into that bathroom was because I assumed I was on my regular route (2nd floor) where I do my regular routine (only number 1 of course:)). One time One time  I'm on the third floor to drop something off to a professor and because I'm a creature of habit I end up in the boys bathroom. I'm pretty sure that the man who designed the building purposely switched which sides the girls and boys bathrooms are on each floor purely for his amusement.

Am I crazy? Do you find yourself doing things like this. I took a deeper look at myself and I was a little shocked.

Every day at eight thirty my alarm clock goes off and I hit the snooze twice until eight forty five. I hop in the shower, and then do my makeup on the floor because it's my favorite mirror, then while shoveling down either toast or raisin brown I get on the computer to check my e-mail, facebook, favorite blogs. Get dressed and scramble my scrambly self to school. I go to class, then work until five. At about five fifteen I get home, make delicious dinner, me and Matt spoon/talk sweet nothings/joke for about an hour, homework followed by a routine run where I run the same route every day. We usually play some type of computer game (I'm a sucker for hearts and brick breaker) and then I pop in my retainer and out my eye balls, scrub my face and teeth and we are in bed at twelve in time for scripture study and prayer. Every day is like this. With the occassional grocery trip, friend hangout, random mysterious event you can pretty much tell where and what I will be doing when every stinkin day.

I'm a creature of habit. Established. Am I alone in this?

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