Pat on the Back

Do you ever have one of those times where you get so dang excited about something. You prepare for it, you give it your darndest and then it all just kind of explodes in your face in a yucky messy hard to clean up sort of way. Okay, this may sound tiny...so get ready. I love to cook and try new recipes. Most of the time they turn out pretty darn great and I end up with a food baby in my tummy because I just couldn't help myself from engorging in this delightful meal.

So last night my new experiment was Beef Stroganoff. I won't lie I was confident...too confident. Everything was going according to plan; onions chop chop chop and into the pan, noodles a boilin, flour bubble bubble thickened that sauce right up. Matt pours all of the noodles into the sink while trying to strain the pasta, I remain calm (it's aight it's fixable a quick rinse and we were back in business), Matt puts ranch dip instead of sour cream into the sauce (once again I remain calm and scoop the ranch dip out of the pan and replace it with sour cream and then wonder why I made Matt my cooking assistant), Matt mumbles something about me caring more about the recipe than his assistance skills under his breath, I add 1 and a half cups of sugar into the sauce and Huzzah! DONE!

....wait a second I added one and a half cup of brown sugar to my stroganoff. At this point I'm running back to the recipe to make sure I'm right because let's face it I always am and I look to see on the list
  • 1 1/2 t brown sugar
Ahhhh needless to say my Stroganoff tasted a lot like that beef trifle that Rachel made for Joey and Chandler on friends. And the exact same reaction occurred (except with less cinematic drama of course). We tasted it and threw it out.

So yeah it all kind of exploded in my face. But my brave little cooking assistant came to my side and told me, "It's ok Sarah, sometimes it just takes a few times to master a recipe." Me and Matt laughed it off and in my depressed state I made Muddy Buddies and ate them for dinner, later of course regretting this because of the food baby in my stomach made of sugar.

Overall a pretty awesome night. As long as I have my cooking assistant.

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