Bitte Warten...

My mom has always had a very serious case of the "I can's". Whenever one of my mom's five hyenas would be dying for those Albertson cookies that are so ooey gooey and delicious she would say, " I can make that." Whenever any of us even eyed a fast food burger,"I can make that" and most hurtful to me of course staring at those amazing pictures of blizzards and wishing upon the shiniest star that I could get one and then my mom interrupts my oozing over the picture with a, "Hey we can make that at home!" I remain traumatized but really don't we all do that. I've come down with a serious case of the I can's. Whether it is because I'm exactly like my mom or just ambitious remains undetermined. Nevertheless here are my latest I can's that have both made and unraveled my confidence.
  • My office because it is at BYU is used every Sunday by the bishopbric of the BYU 9,865 ward (ok not that high of a number). After Sunday things are always mysteriously moved around on my desk. Not only is my drawer of snacks when you're about to die because you forgot to make a lunch missing treats only after Sundays, but very mysteriously one week I found all of my computer settings changed to Dutch. Stage set for the I can's. I was determined to change my settings. I looked up how to do it but of course couldn't figure it out because everything was in dutch. Finally through some research at home I was able to change every setting except for one website that remains stubborn. The Google. No matter how much I set and reset it to English it ALWAYS defaults to Dutch. However I've decided to forgive the bishopbric of the BYU 9,865th ward because now I know lots of Dutch words I never would have known. Para exemple: Bitte Warten means please wait, bilder means image, bideo means video and Suche means search. Words I have yet to figure out: Erweiterte (I've made a hypothesis that it must mean Sarah is a sucker), Letzer Monat (must mean Sarah can't read Dutch) and Mehr (means nanny nanny boo boo Sarah).
  • Me and my Emily friend decided we could sew. I'd seen a lot of cute bubble skirts that were just too short so in the words of my mother I rejoiced, "I can make that at home!". About six hours later I had a half a skirt, a furrow in my brow, a burn iron in the carpet and a really good friend. I can finish this skirt!
  • I love Cafe Rio but I feel like a toothpick has been jousted in my ear when I see that they cost 8 smackaroonies each. So I set out to recreate the Cafe Rio experience at home. And...I DID IT! Here's the amazing recipe if you dare.
While the "I can's" seem to be a little frustrating at times they do pose for great adventures. Thanks for passing on your ambition mom!

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