Topsy Turvy

Everything in my refrigerator is frozen and everything in my freezer is refrigerated (aka melting). Today during my deer like routine I was making my daily sandwich, seconds later I pulled out the lettuce only to find that I had unintentionally made me a bag of lettuce pops...lopsicles. Sometimes it just seems like everything that you need does the exact opposite. I needed plain o' lettuce but no I got lopsicles instead. From this day forward we will refer to the opposites as lopsicles. Other lopsicles that happened today.
- I needed shoes to wear but could only find my feet ( This event occurs to everyone in variations, searching for car keys while they're in your hand, sunglasses while their on your head, you sensibility when it has definitely left the building)
- I needed nothing to do when  my plans were busy.
- I needed a hot fudge sundae in my hand but instead I had a bag of carrots

Lets have some therapy people. Talk to me about your lopsicles.

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