The One

It happened. I have a fan. While I was clicking my heels with joy and then pretending I knew how to tap dance a fog came upon me, a new realization that I had never felt before. People will actually be reading about what I think. After an all powerful laugh came out my adult brain slipped into my body and I began to feel cautious. What if they don't like what I think about? What if I'm immature? What if I'm not entertaining? These thoughts were then very quickly overshadowed by my tap dancing and karate kicks because well I am immature.

Summary: Please like what I say,  and if you do or don't please tell me about it. Tell me your opinion and hopefully you can inspire some of those crazy thoughts that tend to fly in the wind and then get sucked in as I breath in a gust of wind.

I had an awesome weekend with my family in the THREE-OH-THREE. Here are a few highlights for those of you who were not able to experience the magic.
  • After galavanting through Estes Park we decided to go on a crusade through Rocky Mountain National Park. It was here that I met a Marmot, really liked it and then in my utter amazement my sisters dubbed Matt's new name as Marmot!
  •  Rediscovered my love for Sonic the Hedgehog in a friendly battle of wits and honor with my sisters. A battle that lasted until twelve am for one and three am for the others.
  • Ate my body weight in mini Oreo's.
  • Tramp stamped both my husband and sister with phrases like "Chocolate Maker" and "Thunder Down Under" only to be given the mark of death on my lower back with the phrase "Matt loves Sarah". I must add, the thought was nice, the place and utensil used for marking me with....not so nice. My lower back still remains tainted.

Hope you guys all had a happy 4th!!!

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