Listen....there's something you should know

I gave you guys all a glimpse of my utter quirkiness but in all this information I somehow left out the most important person. You guys need a proper introduction to Sir Matt and since he has sent me off alone on this blogging adventure I will give you the low down down low.

Height: 6'2''

Eye Color: Green

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Food: Anything Ethnic

Alias: Marmot

Have a great week!

You guys didn't think I'd leave you with just that wimpy information did you? One week while me and Matt were teaching Sunday School he introduced and met everyone through their spouses secret. Well I have a secret for you Sir Matt. Now is the time for your dirty little secrets.

- Matt chews loud. This would usually be a negative quality for someone however due to the fact that my x roommate constantly ranted about how the acoustics in my mouth just weren't right because I daily sounded like a symphony of captain crunch every morning well....let's just say it's an upside for both of us that we're loud chewers.

- Matt loves music but has never had any training in music. I think this talent is especially amazing. Matt can pick anything up and suddenly the ladies are swooning over him (definitely won me over). His talents include drumming, strumming (the guitar), and plumming (the piano), oh and humming. I got a little carried away with those umming words didn't I.

- Matt is a conoseur (I didn't spell that right) of delicious foods. I LOVE this about him. He loves the best of the best foods out there, Sushi, Thai, Mongolian Barbecue. I have never found someone that I love eating with as much as him!

- Last of all. Matt is the hardest worker I've ever known. oh and he's hilarious, and he laughs at my jokes oh and he's my soulmate. Okay so that was more than one.


  1. Matt has always loved good food...did he ever tell you about the time he was living with Jake & I? We were poor students & I had spluged on some bacon wrapped filegt mingon for a special dinner for Jake & I. I wake up one morning to Matt frying one up to go on top of his scrambled eggs. Yep, he ate it for breakfast. Your blog is super cute!

  2. Oh my gosh! Sounds just like Matt!