Can You Tofu?

As previously stated me and Matt love ethnic food. So the other day we journeyed to China Town (ok I just call this ethnic store that because I like to feel hoity toity) to find some new goods. We really wanted to learn how to make Pad Thai. After scavenging through the store I came upon the dreaded Tofu. I'd always heard these terrible things about it, "gross it's spongy", "it tastes like rotten chicken and moldy cheese". There was also a Veggie Tales song dedicated to Tofu so I figured it was really that bad. So what would any rational girl do? Buy three cartons of it of course. So me and Matt did the Tofu last night! We had Pad Thai with Tofu and Tofu Miso Sout, and......... We loved it! It's hard enough to feed a man that has a metabolism of Michael Phelps so I figure this amazing source of protein will be just what we need. Plus its nutritious and delicious. Of course after our Triumph of eating so healthy we rewarded ourselves with Sonic Shakes. Can you Tofu?


  1. check out a Habitat for Humanity to try and find some cabinet doors. I found mine at a church rummage sale but I've seen them at Habitat several times :) Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the good idea!